Hello Friends, thanks for stopping by.
My name is Ken Stuckey and I have the privilege of being the Senior Pastor of the Butteville Church. I hope you will take your time and look around a little bit. If you have questions please feel free to e-mail us or give us a call. In the meantime let me give you a little information about who we are as a church.
            As a pastor I make it a habit to never use the expression “you" in my preaching and teaching. It isn’t you…it is US.  In fact we as a congregation often respond to God’s Word with the expression, Hey! That’s Us! In other words we are in this together. Pastor, Elders, Men or Women, Children or Seniors we are all children of God with a need and hunger to grow in deeper knowledge of our Sovereign Creator. When we gather together in celebration we do so with the knowledge that the ground at the foot of the cross is dead solid level and we are all equal in the eyes of God. Perhaps that is the main reason we are known for our friendliness and acceptance of new people.
            You see friends we see the church as four things. First we are A Worship Community.  We believe that you and I have been created by God to worship Him and bow before His glory and majesty. We sing and laugh and teach all to recognize that He is God and we are privileged to be His people.
            Second, as a church, we are a Spiritual Hospital. We recognize the fact that we all make mistakes. Sometimes we willfully rebel against what God would have us do and at other times we bear the brunt of those who work against us. We all know that “sin has consequences" but we also know that the God we worship is a God of grace and forgiveness. Sometimes in the course of our lives our spirits are bruised and battered. We need affirmation to heal. One thing you won’t find at Butteville Church is condemnation.
            Third, We are a Teaching Center. God’s Word is our authority. We study it and learn from it because we know that His precepts are good for us and if we put them into practice it give us peace, satisfaction and the potential to be all that He would have us to be.
            Fourth, we are a Sending Agency. The Butteville Church is not a closed society. We all live in the world. We know that but we also want to be light and salt and reflect the glory and teaching of our Lord Jesus as we go about our daily lives. You see we have a message and that message reflects who and what we are as a church.
            Drop by and visit sometime. Of course I am biased but I guarantee you won’t meet a sweeter group of folks.
            Pastor Ken









Sunday School 9:00 AM
Sunday Worship Service 10:30 AM
ASPIRE High School 6:00 PM
Women's Prayer Meeting 12:00 PM
RELEVANT Jr. High & Kids 6:00 PM
1st Wednesday
Piece to Peace (Quilting) 10:00 AM

Butteville Community Church
10858 Arndt Road NE Aurora, OR  97002